About Us



We specialize in residential window tinting installation in the Central Ohio region. We have over 20 years of experience helping home owners like you choose the correct film for your specific situation.



We specialize in commercial window tinting sales and installation, whether it's for a contractor or a business owner. We have over 20 years helping contractors and business owners choose the correct film for their specific needs, whether its Solar film, security film, decorative film, wall graphics, or custom-decorative designed film.


Why Choose Lindsay Tint

We offer honest and friendly window tinting services at affordable prices. We are family owned and operated. Right from sales to installation, we want you to feel comfortable and confident that you chose the correct window film installation company. Some companies say they strive for customer service,  At Lindsay Tint, we GUARANTEE, you will NOT have a BETTER window film experience from start to finish when you choose us.  Below is our customer service model:

Putting the Customer at the Heart of Your Business

"Amidst all the complexity and technological advances, the best way to understand and engage with customers is to ensure that you are always putting them first. Build your business to be 

customer-centric and continually check everything you do to make sure it fits with consumer requirements. Listen to their feedback and act on it, and make sure that everyone within the organization is focused on customer needs."