Office tint
Business Window Film

Save energy and keep your employees & customers comfortable.

Keep your employees comfortable and safe with commercial window tinting solutions that reduce heat, glare, and ultraviolet light.  For property managers, facility managers, and landlords; saving money and improving tenant comfort are top priorities. We have a wide range of solutions to solve the problems you encounter.

Window Film Types

Static Window Films


When people think of window film, they generally think of "Static" or never changing window film. The look of the film that is installed stays the same no matter the outdoor conditions.

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Transitional Window Films


Just like the well-known Transitional Lenses people buy for their glasses, CoolVu has created a commercial-grade window film that transitions from a lighter shade to a darker shade when exposed to direct sunlight. Basically, the best of both worlds; darker when you need it and practically clear when you don't.

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