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Let the Sunlight in, while Blocking the Sun’s Harmful and Costly Rays

Solar Window Film Products

Ceramic Window Films


Ceramic Films are perfect for clear views and high heat rejection. As Orange County’s top tinting company, We specialize in ocean view homes, looking for a film that can stand up to salt deposits and sea air? You’ve come to the right place! The secret to this film’s success is nano-ceramic technology that is less reflective than glass, blocks up to 99.9% of the UV and isn’t corrosive with salt air.

Neutral Window Films

neutral window film

Neutral films are just that, a film thats in the mid-range of looks and performance. Get full solar control with a less reflective film that is barely visible to the naked eye. Choose from the family of neutral films when you want protection but do not want to or cannot have very reflective windows. Just what you’re looking for? Connect with our solar film specialists to learn more about our neutral films.

Reflective Window Films

one-way window film

Want full solar film protection but looking to achieve a glassy, mirrored look? Make a bold statement with reflective film solutions that give you’re the UV, heat and glare protection you are need and that reflective technology you are after. Connect with one of our solar film specialists to find just the right shade of reflective film that compliments your aesthetics. Choose from a selection of silver, gold, bronze, & Earth-Tone.

Non-Reflective Films

non-reflective window film

Do you live in a building or housing development with incredibly strict rules about what can and cannot be changed when it comes to the exterior? Lindsay Tint has access to a variety of films with low exterior reflectivity.  Give us a call or fill out a form to talk to an architectural film specialist about the anti-reflective films we carry that have been approved by many HOAs and building management companies!

Exterior Window Films

exterior window film

Want to drastically change the look of your glass? Or have access issues on the inside of the glass? Lindsay Tint has a wide range of speciality, exterior films. Exterior films have extremely high performance, allow installation to not invade interior space, change glass colors and come with great warranties.

Low-E Window Films

House in winter

Looking for a way to keep more heat in during the winter but keep it out in the summer? We’ve got just the thing! Low emissivity film is ideal for climates that experience all four seasons. Low-E film helps regulate your indoor temperature by combining insulating and heat-rejecting properties. You will stay comfortable and save on heating and cooling costs all year long without committing to a big and costly window replacement solution

What Solar Control Film Can Do for You